Rotel RMB-1075 5-channel power amplifier Measurments


The RMB-1075's frequency response measured -0.39dB at 10Hz, -0.11dB at 20kHz, and -0.66dB at 50kHz. The gain measured 28.7dB. The THD+noise at 1W into 8ohms measured 0.004% or less from 20Hz to 20kHz, and 0.002% or less over the same range at 2W into 4ohms.

With all five channels driven into 8ohms, the Rotel clipped (1% THD+noise) at 131 watts per channel at both 20Hz and 1kHz. Into 4ohms, clipping occurred at 204Wpc at 20Hz and 212Wpc at 1kHz. With two channels driven, the RMB-1075 clipped at 161Wpc into 8ohms and 264Wpc into 4ohms. All results presented here are for the left channel, to the nearest watt, at a line voltage of 120V.—TJN