Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 Report: Electronics & Turntables

As I said in Monday’s coverage of headphones and Wednesday’s coverage of speakers, Denver’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the biggest, most exciting, and most important of the regional hi-fi shows that have sprung up all over the U.S. and Canada.

With this article, we’ll wrap up with coverage of some of the coolest new electronics at RMAF. And by “electronics,” I mean everything that’s not a speaker, a headphone, or a headphone amp.

In this roundup, I’ve got a few turntables and even an AirPlay desktop audio system. But you know what I just realized I don’t have? CD players, or any other type of optical disc player. In audio, technology always marches on, but it sometimes retreats more than it advances. There could be no more perfect example than the $175,000/pair Audio Power Labs 833TNT shown above — a 200-watt monoblock amp that combines retro technology with modern manufacturing techniques to achieve a stunning result whether you’re looking at it or listening to it.