Review: SVS PB-1000 subwoofer Measurements


Frequency response 18 Hz to 177 Hz, ±3 dB
Crossover (low-pass filter) function

-29 dB/octave
Bass output (CEA-2010A standard)

Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) average: 113.0 dB
20 Hz 110.6 dB
25 Hz 113.0 dB
31.5 Hz 114.9 dB

Low bass (40-63 Hz) average: 121.6 dB
40 Hz 119.8 dB
50 Hz 122.2 dB
63 Hz 122.5 dB

I measured the frequency response of the PB-1000 by close-miking the woofer and port, scaling the port's response appropriately, then summing the responses of the woofer and port. The measurement you see here was taken using the LFE input. To get the crossover response, I used the regular line input and set the knob for 80 Hz. I performed this measurement with my Clio FW audio analyzer in log chirp mode, using the MIC-01 measurement mike designed for use with Clio.

It's rare that a subwoofer I'm measuring delivers the manufacturer's rated frequency response at ±3 dB. The PB-1000 not only meets its spec but exceeds it, although by only 1 Hz. It's worth noting that the response in the subwoofer's operating bandwidth is unusually flat; it appears SVS was aggressive and meticulous with the PB-1000's DSP tuning.

I measured the CEA-2010 output using an Earthworks M30 mike with an M-Audio Mobile Pre USB interface. Measurements were made at 3 meters and scaled up to represent the results at 1 meter. Averages were calculated in pascals as per CEA-2010A spec.

The low-bass power of the PB-1000 is readily apparent when you look at the output measurements. The measurements in the low bass (40-63 Hz) octave are nipping at the heels of the biggest and best subs on the market, such as the VTH-15H or SVS' own PC-13 Ultra. What's more surprising is the result in the ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) octave, where the PB-1000 puts out 110.6 dB even way down at 20 Hz. It's 20 Hz output is only -11.9 db below its peak output. That's impressively flat output for such a small and inexpensive sub.

From a measurement standpoint, this is the most impressive <$500 sub I've encountered.

Bottom line
I don't need to come up with any flowery verbage or clever analogies to sum up the PB-1000. Its performance speaks for itself. If you're shopping for a kick-ass home theater sub for less than $500, buy one. If you want to get flat bass response across several seats in a home theater, and can afford $1,000, get two of these and put them in the front corners instead of buying a single $1,000 sub.


Grimsurfer's picture

I used this review to finalize my choice between the ported PB-1000 and the SB-1000. I opted for the latter and am very pleased. The SB-1000 give up (on paper) a few Hertz at the bottom end in exchange for fast and tight bass.

Were I to choose, I'd be totally satisfied with the ported unit for audio-visual and the non-ported for music (which is why I went for that particular unit). Either way, the PB/SB-1000s are well constructed, deliver what's promised, and very well priced.

Overall, there's not much to lose with SVS's no haggle 45 day trial period (just in case you decide to move up to their larger subs or sub tubes).