Review: Sunfire Dynamic Series SDS-12 Subwoofer Page 3

Test Bench

Frequency response

27 to 108 Hz ±3 dB

Bass output (CEA-2010 standard)

• Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) average: 88.1 dB

20 Hz              76.5 dB

25 Hz              86.6 dB

31.5 Hz           101.2 dB

• Low bass (40-63 Hz) average: 119.4 dB

40 Hz              117.3 dB (L)

50 Hz              122.4 dB (L)

63 Hz              118.4 dB (L)

To measure the frequency response of the SDS-12, I used my Clio FW analyzer (in stepped sine mode) and microphone, with the mic placed 2 meters in front of the sub. The sub’s crossover was set to bypass. The measurement is smoothed to 1/6th of an octave. Response is solid down to about 25 Hz, but it drops quickly below that. Combined low-pass function of the crossover and driver with the crossover frequency set to 80 Hz is -24 dB/octave.

I measured bass output of the SDS-12 using the CEA-2010 method, with the sub turned on its side so that the active driver and the passive radiator were equidistant from the microphone. Clearly, this was designed as a “punch” sub, with maximum output in the low bass (40-63 Hz) octave. Here, the SDS-12 delivers truly awesome bass power for its size. Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) output isn’t terribly strong. There’s decent oomph down to 31.5 Hz but it falls fast below that, although to the SDS-12’s credit it does deliver measurable response down to 20 Hz. — Test Bench by Brent Butterworth