Rabbit Ears are Pioneer's First Winner

A few months ago we announced a new contest that the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters were holding to encourage TV viewers to get prepared for the transition to digital television.

The contest is still going on, but the first semi-finalist was just announced. The winner is a 69-year-old retired first-grade teacher from Arkansas, JoNancy Linn Sundberg. What did she win? A Zenith converter box and an RCA digital reception antenna, which she can use on her black-and-white TV that she purchased in 1982. Someone buy that woman a TV!

What were her winning words?

Here's an excerpt from her poem:

"I've never had anything
  But an analog TV.
  When February '09 arrives,
  I'll be bereft, you see,
  Of all the information and entertainment
  That so appeals to me.
  So  please consider my entry favorably!"

Old_tv_2 The contest is still open, and semi-finalists will be announced monthly until the contest ends in October. The grand prize winner will be announced in November. Grand prize includes an HDTV, Blu-ray player, and a complete surround sound system. Let's hope Ms. Sundberg wins a color TV. -Leslie Shapiro

Rabbit Ears Pioneers