Podcast 79: CEDIA 2011 Wrap-Up

Home Theater editor Rob Sabin, senior editor Tom Norton, and I chat about what we saw at the 2011 CEDIA Expo, including the new Sharp Elite LCD TV that looks like a worthy successor to the now-legendary Pioneer Kuro plasma, home-theater projectors with 4K resolution or 2.35:1 native aspect ratio, Epson's first LCoS-variant projector that produced a spectacular image for less then $5000, 3D, Atlantic Technology's bass-friendly soundbar, GoldenEars' and Definitive Technology's new bookshelf speakers, PSB's noise-cancelling headphones, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 58:16

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chrisheinonen's picture

It sounds like you had the same Top Two as I did, the Elite panel and the Epson reflective LCD. Oh, and PSB is Paul and Sue Barton, named for his wife as well. I'd have liked a 4th day possibly as I had no time to cover audio components really and would have enjoyed getting the chance to hear some more of those.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I didn't know the S stands for Sue. I, too, would prefer the extra day to see and hear more things, but the manufacturers seemed to prefer three. Thanks for the comment!
larry jelf's picture

Hello Scott, I enjoyed your podcast. It sounds like you guys were blown away with the 61000 demo. I am interested in this projecter and have some questions. Why did they use a cinecurve screen with a standard lens? I have allways been a DLP fan and now own a DLP projector. Was the sharpness of this reflective LCD good enough to please a DLP fan? If you guys do a future review please address this issue and how good the pixel alignment was.