Podcast 63: David Cole & D.J. Roller

Next3D co-founders David Cole (pictured) and D.J. Roller discuss the problems with current 3D broadcasting and explain how their new technology solves them by encoding 3D images at much lower bitrates, allowing high-quality 3D to be broadcast and streamed online. They also talk about Next3D's VOD (video on demand) streaming service that will offer 3D content exclusively, the company's agreement with Turner Broadcasting to shoot sports in 3D, and answers to chat-room questions.

Run Time: 58:53

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David Cole brings 20 years of experience in digital imaging, stereoscopic 3D research and development, and business development and execution to Next3D. His accomplishments include creating the first commercial stereoscopic 3D shutter-glasses gaming product for the PC as well as leading the development of stereoscopic 3D virtual-reality ride systems. Prior to co-founding Next3D, David Cole founded LearningSoft, an educational technology company, AquaThought Labs, a medical technology company, and Studiotronics, a digital-imaging company that was sold to Kodak.

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