Podcast 67: Joe Kane

Video guru Joe Kane makes his second appearance on the podcast, talking about active and passive 3D technologies and his new "3D flat" test patterns, which reveal exactly what a 3D TV is doing, as well as the importance of evaluating a 3D TV's 2D performance—after all, a 3D TV actually displays two 2D images, so it had better render 2D well if its 3D has any hope of looking good. He also describes the process of installing his own home theater and answers chat-room questions.

Run Time: 1:00:49

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Joe Kane specializes in the science of electronic imaging, accurately reproducing video on electronic display devices. He has produced several ground-breaking video based programs on the subject, including A Video Standard, Video Essentials and multiple versions of Digital Video Essentials. He's currently working and lecturing in HDTV program production, digital compression of video for high quality distribution, and HDTV displays that conform to ITU and SMPTE specifications.

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