Podcast 71: Scott Wilkinson

In this special episode of Home Theater Geeks, I take viewers on a video tour of my own home theater and answer many questions from the chat room. Plus, my wife Joanna drops by at the end and we sing a little duet!

Run Time: 1:28:36

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Scott Wilkinson has enjoyed 20 years as an author and editor in the home-theater arena. He currently serves as editor of UltimateAVmag.com and online editor of HomeTheater.com. He also hosts a weekly podcast called Home Theater Geeks, in which he interviews top industry technologists. HTG was recognized as one of the best audio podcasts of 2010 on iTunes. In addition, Scott can be heard each Sunday morning discussing home theater on Leo Laporte's nationally syndicated radio talk show, The Tech Guy.

Previous positions include writing and editing for Home Theater and Stereophile Guide to Home Theater magazines, both of which he helped launch, as well as The Perfect Vision, Audio/Video Interiors, Connected, and etown.com. He also hosted the product-review section of DVD Preview with Leonard Maltin.

As a professional musician, Scott plays many different wind instruments, such as tuba, trombone, didgeridoo, conch-shell trumpet, recorder, ocarina, and various ethnic flutes. He can be heard on the soundtracks of the movies Gladiator, White Squall, and Mystic India as well as the video games Myst 4 and Uncharted II. Scott has also recorded two albums with his avant-garde trio Many Axes and one with his wife, singer-songwriter Joanna Cazden.

Here's the YouTube video of this podcast: