Podcast 106: Bob Hodas

Acoustician Bob Hodas discusses the process of "tuning" recording studios and home-theater rooms, the problem of overtreating a room, different types of acoustic treatments (including egg cartons!), measurements versus subjective listening, the importance of the phase relationship between speakers and a flat frequency response in a room, speaker and subwoofer placement, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:01:27

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Since 1993, Bob Hodas has traveled the world tuning well over 1000 rooms. His clients include studio owners, producers, engineers, and discriminating home listeners. Hit mixer David Pensado, producer Tricky Stewart, composer Danny Elfman, film mixer Alan Meyerson, and recording artist Stevie Wonder are among his many clients who demand accurate listening environments and speaker systems. His work has taken him from Tokyo for Sony Music Entertainment to London for Abbey Road Mastering.

Stateside, he has tuned rooms for Phil Rosenthall, DreamWorks, Blackbird, and Lucasfilm to name but a few. His depth of experience gained from his background as a musician and recording engineer has given him a unique and sought after perspective on solving speaker system and room acoustics issues.

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