Playstation 4 WITHOUT Blu-ray?

It seems like many in the industry are killing off Blu-ray in its infancy. This is the second story today alone on the subject.

Now, a CNET blogger is going as far as saying that it's his opinion that Sony won't include Blu-ray in the next generation Playstation. He could have a point.

If the industry thinks digital downloads are the future, why would Sony bother using Blu-ray? Interesting.

However, the thought of them going back to DVD seems small-minded, when Blu-ray has so much more storage for advanced gaming features.

Sony certainly is pushing downloads, with its Bravia Internet Video Link. But consider how many households still use dial-up.  Or get their TV from over-the-air broadcasts. (I know, but they can get a converter box and they'll be just fine for another hundred years.)

Sony has an interest in movie sales, as the Sony Pictures division stands to make more money from the sale of Blu-ray discs in the future. Face it, hard copies of movies are just more convenient. You can use them on different systems, they're incredibly portable, and you don't have to worry about your hard drive crashing and losing your whole movie collection.

It's interesting to think about. Interesting speculation. -Leslie Shapiro