Pioneer UDP-LX500 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review Specs

DIMENSIONS: (W x H x D, inches): 17 x 4.5 x 13.25
WEIGHT: (pounds): 22.7 lbs.
VIDEO OUTPUTS: HDMI (2, one audio-only) AUDIO OUTPUTS: Coaxial digital, optical
digital, stereo analog RCA
OTHER: USB 3.0 (rear), USB 2.0 (front), LAN, RS-232C
Price: $1,099

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I've owned this player for two months and the plus's and minus's are pretty much spot on. Coming off my Oppo UHD-205 this player comes pretty close in overall performance.

One extra note I'd like to make is to double-down on the strength of this player's D/A convertor. I own a Benchmark DAC3-B which costs more than this player does, and upon direct A/B comparisons the Pioneer compares very nicely with my Benchmark.

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It's, not

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Two of my old universal players do -- OPPO BDP-93 and Pioneer DV-578A -- but my new player, Sony UBP-X800/B, does not. Just wondering if this is becoming a trend.

Timobi_1's picture a question. LOVE this UHD player btw. Anyone know what DAC it uses?

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A BD player's stereo sound quality when reproducing BD movie tracks means even more to me than achieving best possible picture quality (I should spring for a $$$$ DAC but that will have to wait). That’s why among other reasons (e.g.fully functional zoom control), I chose the Pioneer LX500 over the Panasonic DP-UB9000 player.

I’m in need of an additional player but with the LX500 discontinued, please consider reviewing the Reavon X200 before year’s end.

Ideally, if you still have access to the LX500, a movie sound quality shootout between the two would be exciting and helpful. Thank you.