Panasonic DMP-UB900 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 17.2 x 2.7 x 7.9
Weight (Pounds): 5.3
Video Outputs: HDMI (2, 1 ver. 2.0a)
Audio Outputs: 7.1-channel analog RCA, Stereo RCA, coaxial and optical digital
Other: LAN , USB, SD Card slot
Price: $600

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I'm shocked how Sound & Vision editors can allow a review like this to be published. How can you review a top of the line 4k Ultra Hd Blu Ray player with a display that's not HDR or wider color capable. HDR and wider color is way more important than the upgrade in resolution for picture quality. Definitely not up to usual Sound & Vision standards. What's next, going to review a Dolby Atmos capable receiver with just 5.1 speakers?

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Supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision
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I stand corrected, the Vizio is capable of accepting an Hdr10 and Dolby Vision signal. What I was trying to get across is why would you not review the Ub900 with a more capable tv. How many consumers are going to buy a $600 4k blu ray player for their $1,200 tv? This is the kind of device for the true enthusiasts. Just thought this player deserved to be mated with a better display. Sorry but this review just got under my skin. Thanks for the reply and correcting my error.

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"Of the three Ultra HD Blu-ray players A/V enthusiasts currently have to choose from, " I would ask why you failed to include the oppo upd-203 uhd Blu ray player which is now shipping and also the Xbox one s which is a very capable uhd player. Just a bit misleading when in reality you do have a couple other options

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I just checked out the Oppo website, and their new UHD player has everything the Panny has and more, including a future Dolby Vision upgrade, SACD/DVD-Audio compatibility, 2 USB 3.0 ports on the rear (1 USB 2.0 on the front), and even a backlit remote. It's also $51 cheaper, but it doesn't have a SD card reader, but with the money one saves, they could always buy this handy little device - which costs about $10 on the Big A - for easy viewing of their photos on an SD card using a USB slot:

Hey, I don't work for Oppo or Transcend. I just know a great bargain and superior value when I see one.

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Just wanted to add that the Transcend card reader mentioned above has a lot more negative reviews than I originally noticed (the unit seems to run hot and some have complained about data loss), but there are many similar items from other companies that do the same job better at basically the same low price, so a UHD player without an SD slot is not a big deal.

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... and was written in early November. At that time the Oppo UPD-203 was not available.
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Article date on the website is January 18th

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Al, when you use the HDMI output to connect to your Anthem preamp/processor, aren't you bypassing the Panasonics DAC when streaming music from your DLNA server and using the Anthem's internal DAC instead? The quality of the streamed music you hear is really based on the Anthem and not from the Panasonic? In essence, music should sound exactly like the same music streamed directly to the Anthem. Am I wrong?

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For my stereo audio quality comparison, I used the Panasonic's (and the Pioneer's) analog audio outputs -- which meant that I was evaluating the player's, not the preamp's, DAC. That should have been made clear in the Setup section of the review. My apologies for the confusion.
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I enjoyed review along with the YouTube HDTV Channel direct 203 comparison. One year later not much has changed. I gladly went with UB900 for picture delivery today, not a promise of the future firmware upgrade with movies yet to be made. Enthusiast are very loyal to branding at times. Having upgraded from a 1080P plasma in 2009 these nuances are lost on me.