New Tech Aims to Link TV Ad Exposure to Actual Sales

If TV ads still figure into your TV watching, do they influence you to get off the couch and go test drive a new car or actually buy the product advertised?

It’s a perennial question for companies that spend millions hawking products and services on TV and the question a Boston-based startup Data Plus Math hopes to answer with a new technology that aims to link exposure to TV ads to consumer actions.

The technology, which will be tested early next year, “maps out the effects of various forms of video on sales of product…by tracing exposure of a commercial to an actual sale,” according to a report in Variety.

CBS, Disney ABC Television, Fox News and other media companies have signed up to participate in the trial, code-named “Thor.” According to Variety, “Data Plus Math uses information culled from millions of set-top boxes, smart TVs, and OTT platforms and machine learning techniques to determine a connection between exposure to ads from different screens to actual sales or actions.”

If you feel like you’re every move is being tracked, well….