Netflix ARccOS - No Movies For You!

File this in the "Are you kidding me?" folder. Some movies available on Netflix - some popular movies from Netflix might not be playable on your DVD player. What's up with that?

Not wanting to point fingers, but blame it on Sony. Sony developed a copy protection scheme, ARccOS, that renders ARccOS-encoded Sony Pictures discs unwatchable on certain DVD players. Oddly enough, a few Sony DVD players are on the list. What were they thinking???

Netflixdrm Currently, there are only 13 titles on Netflix with ARccOS.  Titles include Casino Royale, Marie Antoinette, Crossover, Pursuit of Happyness, Stranger Than Fiction, and more.  Not exactly back shelf items.  Affected players include some from JVC, LG, Philips, RCA, Toshiba, Samsung, and as mentioned, Sony.

Netflix is working to replace these titles with non-copy-protected versions, but until then, look for the warning "This DVD is not compatible with some DVD players."

Why put a system on a disc that prevents legitimate use? Are we all guilty until proven innocent? -Leslie Shapiro

Image and story: Zatz Not Funny