NEC HT1100 DLP video projector Measurements & Calibration

Measurements & Calibration

Resolution: Better than 500 lines per picture height (DVD source)
Overscan (component 480i input): 1.5% or less on all sides
Scaling (480i input): Very good on most programming, but I saw artifacts on the Faroudja test DVD that suggest the HT1100 doesn't include Faroudja's DVDi deinterlacer. (The HT1000 did, though NEC did not promote it.) The Denon DVD-5900 DVD player, used for most of these tests, has the Faroudja chip, and in progressive mode it performed noticeably better on the Faroudja disc than the deinterlacer in the projector. But the HT1100's scaling performed well with real-world program material, including 3:2 pulldown; in day-to-day viewing I never felt a burning need to switch the Denon to progressive mode.
Peak Contrast (lamp in Economy mode): 1790 with iris at (peak white level 10.74 footlamberts, black level 0.006fL), 1370 with iris fully open, 1950 with minimum iris.
ANSI Contrast (16-square checkerboard): 157 at 1/2 iris, 144 with iris fully open.

Color: The Before readings, taken at the 6500 Color Temperature setting, were not far off the D65 standard; after calibration, the points were even closer across most of the brightness range (for technophiles, within 0.001 of the standard D65 coordinates at 30 IRE and above). The red color point was slightly orange, the green pushed a little too deep into green, and the blue was greenish-blue. None of these deviations was obvious with real program material.—TJN