NAD Viso HP50 Headphone Test Bench

Test Bench


The Viso HP50 has what’s generally accepted as a subjectively flat measured response, with just a slight elevation in the treble energy between 2 and 8 kHz. Using a high-impedance (i.e., low-quality) source has no effect on the response. Distortion is practically nonexistent, even at a loud level of 100 dBA. Isolation is above average for an over-ear headphone. Impedance averages 37 ohms, and sensitivity from 300 Hz to 3 kHz measures 106.3 dB.—Brent Butterworth


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Hi Steve,

Thank you for this informative review and also your video presentation on 'Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc'.

It seems like both approaches (RoomFeel and Binaural recording) are fundamental steps toward building the first, what I call, Hi-Reality Machines for audio reproduction.


I sensed that these two techniques might have been developed/applied independently and are competing instead of perhaps complementing each other. At the comment section of InnerFidelity's Tyll's review 'An Ear Opening Experience: The Chesky…' the commentator 'bogdanb' touches on this question as well. I appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards, Babak