MTV Music: Every Video Ever Made. Ever.

This is bad. I wanted to post this 12 hours ago. Wanna know why I'm sooo late? Well, I've been busy. Really, really busy. See, MTV Music just launched, and they have every video ever made!  Well, okay, probably not every video, but almost everything I looked for. And trust me, after poking around for 12 hours, there was a ton of stuff posted. They say it's 16,000, but that number will grow.

This isn't the low-res stuff you see on YouTube. This looks great (well, as long as you don't blow it up to full screen) and sounds really good. It's like Hulu for music fans. What makes it so addictive is that when you search for an artist you like, the site suggests other similar artists. Follow it down the rabbit hole . . .

I found this really obscure video that I never thought they'd have.

I'm never going to get any work done, am I? Go to and get lost with me. Looks like MTV is doing something right again. It's been a while. —Leslie Shapiro