M&K Sound X15+ THX Dominus Certified Subwoofer Review Test Bench

Test Bench


Fig.1 Blue trace: The X15+ in the first position tried revealed a deep +7dB dip at 25Hz. Green trace: Position two resulted in much smoother bass response below 40 Hz.—DV


Fig.2 The X15+ in position two (green trace) showed higher measurable output below 17Hz compared with my reference subwoofer array (red trace).—DV
M&K Sound

jeff-henning's picture

For $6K, this sub is over priced a bit. Not saying that it doesn't sound good because I'm sure it does

Rythmik Audio offers the dual-opposed, G25HP Direct Servo sub. It offers solid response down to 14Hz and 1.8kW of real, continuous power. It's also half the price and, since it's a servo sub, it will be cleaner.

Also, in piano black, being less than $3K, why would you even consider this sub?

Hey, the push-pull design does reduce distortion, but only the even harmonics. The more egregious distortion is odd order harmonics. They are what you will hear more easily and will, in your brain, register as unnatural. This is why a servo sub will sound better. Hey, a push-pull servo would be even better.

Which begs the question, why has S&V never reviewed a Rythmik servo sub? They offer not only the best performance of competitively priced subs, but of any subs on the market, period.

Also, 4 or 6 small subs will out-perform 1 huge sub and they are a lot easier to move.

TFK49's picture

In past reviews you have stated that you have 4 subwoofers in your home theater set up. In this review you stated that you liked the M&K so much you are keeping it. Just curious, will it replace 1 of the 4 subs in your system, or will it replace them all? It seems like a beast.

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This sub ended up replacing a SVS SB3000 (which is now installed in my den system). In fact, I'm running five subs now, but dual JLAudio F110s are treated as one sub (master & slave) and are co-located. All are run through a MiniDSP and EQ'd with a MiniDSP vis RoomEQ Wizard.