Mitsubishi Wireless HDTV

WHDI. Remember that acronym. Consider having it tattooed across your chest, or at least shaved into your head. It stands for Wireless High-Definition Interface. Developed by AMIMON, and embraced by more and more electronics manufacturers, WHDI lets you wirelessly connect HDTV devices.

The latest company to jump into the bitstream is Mitsubishi. As early as this fall, in Japan, it will offer a TV with an AMIMON wireless link inside, along with an external HDTV receiver that will connect to the display using WHDI. The system will be part of Mitsubishi's new HDTV Living Fit line.

What's so cool about WHDI?

WHDI is capable of delivering uncompressed HD video streams wirelessly. It enables consumers to have a thin LCD panel without the hassle of running audio and video wires to the panel. The wireless HDTV will allow creative placement of HD source devices such as AVRs, DVRs, DVD players, set-top boxes and game consoles anywhere within the room and throughout the home.

AMIMON's Wireless High-Definition Interface technology delivers wirelessly uncompressed HDTV with a range of over 100 feet (30 meters), through multiple walls and with latency of less than one millisecond. AMIMON joined with Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and Sharp to develop the new industry standard for wireless audio, video and control connectivity. The question is, will other manufacturers now offer WHDI products? A standard is only universal if it's universally used. -Ken C. Pohlmann