Mitsubishi HC5000U LCD Projector: First look

Price: $4,500

Highlights: Three-chip 1080p LCD at a better-than-Sony price, Silicon Optix processing, dynamic iris for deep blacks, HDMI and DVI inputs, motorized lens shift and zoom, 5,000 hour specified bulb life.

After reviewing and loving Mitsubishi's HC3000 DLP projector, we know Mits can do DLP in fine style. After CEDIA 2006 we're anxious to find out what it can do with LCD. The HC5000U is a three-chip 1080p LCD projector for just $4,500, with Silicon Optix processing onboard in the form of the REON chip set (Silicon Optix lite for those keeping score at home) and a dynamic iris for deep backs and improved contrast ratio. A lotta pixels and a lotta projector for the scratch. We'll be getting our hands on this one ASAP. Scheduled to ship in October.