Mitsubishi HC5000U Front Projector: On the Bench

  • $4,500
  • 1920x1080 three-chip LCD
  • Key Connections: HDMI and DVI inputs, rest TBD
Features We Like: Three-chip 1080p at an outrageous price, Silicon Optix processing, dynamic iris for deep blacks, motorized lens shift and zoom, 5,000 hour specified bulb life

Features We Miss: More HDMI is always better than less these days

Mitsubishi wowed many a CEDIA attendee with the HC5000U, a full-on, three-chip 1080p LCD projector for just 4500 bucks. But its not a stripped down bargain model either, featuring Silicon Optix processing in the form of the REON chip set (think of this as SO lite). Projectors like this one show that LCD and LCoS projectors are intent on making life hard for the far more expensive 1080p single-chip DLP projectors. Check out the Mits in the Projector Roundup in the June issue of HT.