MartinLogan does it again with Encore TF

MartinLogan Enforce TF 528MartinLogan is known for some pretty ostentatious designed based around electrostatic drivers, so it's pretty surprising to see the company announce such a nondescript-looking speaker. The new Encore TF is a remarkably modest-looking LCR speaker, intended to set under (or to the sides) of your HDTV and then forget it's there.

The Encore TF combines electrostatic and conventional driver technology to offer full-range sound. For higher frequencies, it uses the company's Advanced Thin Film electrostatic drivers, and for the low-end it employs a pair of 4-inch cone woofers. The speakers come in plain black, and can be set horizontally for center channel sound, or placed vertically on an optional stand for left and right front channels.

If you want your own Encore TF speakers, they can be yours for $500 apiece. MartinLogan is shipping them now.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Engadget HD]