LG TVs to Access to Comcast’s Xfinity TV in 2018

Comcast and LG today announced that owners of 2017 and 2018 webOS-enabled LG smart TVs will be able to access Comcast’s Xfinity TV service through the Xfinity TV Partner app in 2018 without the need to lease a cable box.

The app will enable Xfinity TV customers to watch live and on demand programming — including local broadcast and public, educational, and governmental channels — and access their cloud DVR recordings on LG smart TVs.

Comcast launched the Xfinity TV Partner Program last year to expand the range of retail devices that can be used to access programming included in cable subscriptions.

Leveraging open standard HTML5 technology, the Xfinity TV Partner Program provides a common framework that smart TV, TV-connected and IP-enabled retail device manufacturers can use to develop an Xfinity TV Partner app for their device so that Xfinity customers can access the cable service in their homes without the need to lease a set-top box from Comcast.

“We remain committed to giving Xfinity TV customers more options for watching their favorite programming in the home,” said Michael Gatzke, Comcast’s vice president of video subscription services.

Comcast expects to launch a beta of the Xfinity TV Partner app on 2017 LG smart TV early next year.

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Remember, oh, about 2 years ago, when this was announced for Samsung TVs? And 2 years later, the app has only a few shows (as in 3) available on it. No option to watch live TV and no indication of if or when it will go live. In any case, this is long overdue, and far too late to matter. People are starting to realize that PAYING to be advertised to is not very smart. You can give me the content FOR FREE and advertise, or you can charge me for content...NOT BOTH! This seems like a last gasp of a dying platform.