Legrand Unveils In-Wall Subs with Matching Amps

Legrand has introduced a line of compact in-ceiling and in-wall subwoofers with matching digital amplifiers built to deliver “powerful, low-frequency impact” in home theater and audio setups.

Designed for small installations, the NV-SUBIC8 ($200) in-ceiling subwoofer is an infinite-baffle design that doesn’t require a backbox. It comes with a round grille cover that attaches magnetically and is paired with the 100-watt NV-SUBAMP100 ($300); a square grille is available as an option.

The NV-SUBIW8 ($325) and NV-SUBIWDUAL8 ($600) subwoofers are single and dual-driver sealed designs intended for medium and large installations. Both include an MDF backbox plus a square or rectangular magnetic grille cover and are paired with the 200-watt NV-SUBAMP200 ($550) and 500-watt NV-SUBAMP500 ($900).

Each amplifier can power two subwoofers and is equipped with signal-sensing power activation, unfiltered LFE/RCA stereo inputs for connecting to a receiver, and an adjustable crossover, phase control, and three-position EQ switch.

The wall-mountable SUBAMP100 has a two-conductor connector for powering an optional wireless transmitter/receiver and the rack-mount SUBAMP200 and SUBAMP500 amplifiers feature 12V DC trigger inputs and outputs, allowing them to control, or be controlled by, external devices.

The NV-SUBAMP500 also features digital signal processing (DSP), which provides a variety of listening modes accessible via an easy-to-navigate front screen.

All three subwoofers are backed by a lifetime warranty.

"Designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any audio system, the new Nuvo subwoofers and amplifiers pack a big punch in space-saving, discrete designs," said Fritz Werder, vice president and general manager for Legrand.

For more information, visit legrand.us/nuvo.