Legendary MS-DOS Games for Free

I'm sorry. I'm sorry to you. I'm sorry to your loved ones. I'm sorry to your coworkers and friends.

I'm about to show you something that will steal countless hours from your relationships, work, and free time. What free time. It's all this.

Behold, the Internet Archive now has 2,295 MS-DOS games from the entire DOS era free to play in your browser. It’s amazing. Go there right now.

And these aren’t just forgotten bombs either: Prince of Persia, The Oregon Trail (you have died of dysentery), Sim City, and so on.

And there’s some real groundbreaking games too. Wolfenstein 3D:

The grandfather of the RTS, Dune II:

And one of my favorite games of all time, Space Rogue:

There are a few classics missing, like Space Quest, but in all it’s a brilliant collection made infinitely more amazing by being free, and playable from any computer… even a Mac.


DefTechFan's picture

Great article - this brings back such good memories. No doubt my wife will be angry at the discovery of this and the countless hours I will be "wasting"!!

370lbgorilla's picture

At least to me. Tried four or five favourites and none worked properly (or at all) Anyone else have better luck?


DefTechFan's picture

At first the site did not work for me either but I was using Internet Explorer. Once I switched to Chrome it worked great. Good luck!

370lbgorilla's picture

I am using the latest version of Chrome already! Anyone else having any luck (good or bad) with this site, using IE, Chrome, or ???