Krell Theater 7 Amplifier Review Specs

POWER OUTPUT: 7 x 105 watts (8 ohms), all channels driven; 7 x 140 watts (4 ohms), all channels driven
DIMENSIONS: (WxHxD, Inches): 17.1 x 7.65x21.1
AUDIO INPUTS: Gold-plated RCA (7, single-ended), balanced XLR (7)
AUDIO OUTPUTS: five-way binding posts (7 pair)
OTHER: 12-volt trigger input,LAN
Price: $8,250

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Billy's picture

Beyond my budget (I use Onkyo in my home theater) but I would if I could. I recall listening to Krell amps drive Martin Logan stats back in the late 80s glory days of the small high end stereo shops, pure bliss (to my then much younger and better ears) I wish them all the luck in the world, and I also wish the Ma and Pa small electronic stores would come back. I used to buy my gear in those places because the service and knowledge base was the best, now there is little choices left..go to BB or shop Amazon in my pajamas and hope for the best. So much has changed in this hobby. Oh, prices are better, but the experience has greatly declined.

Eric180db's picture

I always loved Krell and they were one of the kings of underating amplifiers. I find it funny how the minuses section says "Not the most powerful amp on the block", because if it was tested it probably puts out over 200WPC. I know, I know, I have to go to stereophile for actual tests now...

mns3dhm's picture

Your reviewing an amp that is well beyond the means of the average household and your readership. Why? Is this the 'people like to look at pictures of Ferraris' argument that the reviewer class loves to trot out? You could have reviewed similar amps from companies like Outlaw, Emotiva, Marantz, etc. but you wasted page count on this? Even though your rag doesn't cost very much, I'm going to think about whether I want to spend another dime on it when my subscription expires. I can read most of it online for nothing anyway and I do not see why I should reward bad editorial decision making on review products. Do better.