John Mayer Ain't that Different from You and Me

I don't know about you, but I hate that celebrities get hounded by the paparazzi. Except for when they capture some truly priceless footage.

When TMZ captured pop-star John Mayer trying to talk his dad through finding software on his Apple laptop, we realize that no matter how famous you are, it's still just hopeless. This happens to me all the time - pathetically by the same people over and over (really, there are owner's manuals and the "help" key is where it's always been) and I'm sure it happens to most tech-savvy peeps. Plus, if you're at all A/V savvy, you know this scenario doesn't just apply to computer operating systems - it goes for confused people and their home theater setups too.

Gizmodo has a link to this hilarious footage, and they question, rightly so, the validity of the footage.  Surely it's staged, right?

From someone who just showed someone how to sort files by date, how to create a playlist, how to print a screen, how to use shortcuts like Control-C to cut and Control-V to paste on a computer this person has owned for 12 years, I have to believe the footage is all too real. -Leslie Shapiro