Red Hill—Sony Pictures

Video: 3.5/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: .5/5

Constable Shane Cooper arrives in the small town of Red Hill in search of a quieter life. But, on Cooper's first day with the Red Hill Police Department, a convicted murderer escapes from prison and heads straight for Red Hill to kill the men who put him there. One by one, the townsmen fall until Cooper discovers the shocking truth about the convict, and must challenge everything he believes in order to stop the massacre and bring justice to "Red Hill".

The HD presentation is pretty good for this one but somewhat limited by its production budget. The remote locale provides gorgeous visuals during the day but the night sequences look slightly washed out in the deeper blacks and lend to a somewhat softer look. Fine object detail is good in extreme close ups though and colors are nicely saturated. I didn’t see much in terms of compression issues and only some very slight banding from time to time. The DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack has a nice sense of surround presence with good imaging front and back but is slightly subdued in overall dynamic range. The action still impresses though, it just lacks the refinement of the bigger budget Hollywood offerings.

No extras on this one aside from some trailers.

Though set in modern times, this has a bit of a country western revenge feel. The story gets going fast and really never lets up making for a pretty solid thriller. Definitely worth a rental!