Integrated Digital TV's on the Rise

Set-top boxes, your days are numbered. That's according to a new study from IMS Research. Integrated digital TVs (iDTVs) will replace set-top boxes, with shipments of iDTV expected to hit 143 million by 2013. Japan has already seen the decline in satellite set-top boxes - only 0.3 million units were sold in 2007.

What technology is behind the study results?

Tru2waylogo By adding tru2way to iDTVs, interactive capabilities are more appealing to users, especially as more features are added.  Another study, this one by ABI Research says that half of U.S. cable subscribers will have tru2way by 2013.

LG, Funai, and Sony have all recently embraced tru2way. Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba are also tru2way licensees.

If you've been thinking about investing in the set-top box market, you might want to rethink that strategy. -Leslie Shapiro

CE Pro