Highlander—Lionsgate (Blu-ray)

Video: 3.5/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 1.5/5

After Scottish clansman Connor MacLeod discovers his true identity as a member of a legion of immortals, he embarks on a legendary journey spanning continents and centuries, eventually landing in modern-day New York City. Connor faces his ultimate test when other immortals begin to appear in the city, leading to a titanic showdown where only one can claim victory.

How many countless iterations have we see of this film!?! Surprisingly the Blu-ray holds up quiet well with better than average definition for a film of this age. There are a few instances where some of the photography doesn’t look restored and doesn’t blend well with the rest of the film. I only saw this a few times throughout, but it is plainly and painfully obvious. Otherwise the print looks to be in pretty good shape. You can tell some digital restoration was done as there is some strange outlining present here and there. But you can’t say the film has ever looked better. The new 5.1 DTS-HD mix is quite good too. I love the soundtrack of this film with some classic Queen tunes that really add a lot to the dynamics of the soundtrack. Of course fidelity is a bit limited by the production costs, which were obviously kept a bit low but they did the best they could.

Extras are a bit skimpy. You get a feature commentary with the director and some deleted scenes. I’m sure we’ll see many more iterations of this one on Blu-ray like we did on DVD.

I grew up with this one and it still holds a special place in my sci-fi/fantasy collection. The Blu-ray is the best presentation I’ve seen, but it still has its issues. Considering the price though, it is hard not recommend this one to fans of the film.