36th Precint—Tartan Palisades

Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 2/5

In this action-packed cop thriller a gang of armed robbers have committed seven deadly robberies within a year. When two lieutenants are told that whoever stops the gang will become the next Chief of Police, the competition between them becomes increasingly ruthless, blurring the lines of morality, until there is no difference between the police and the criminals they chase.

I have the French release of this film on Blu-ray which I picked up a year or so ago. It had an outstanding video transfer and it looks like this US release is largely the same. The image has a razor sharp look to it with a very cool blueish color tone to it that accentuates the stark contrast of the film. Depth and definition are near reference quality and you will find little to fault with this HD transfer. The DTS-HD Master Audio mix is also strong with good dynamics and some nice presence in the low end and surround channels. The disc contains both the original French language track and a new English dub. I prefer the French mix but the only real difference was in the dialogue. The English dub does sound a bit silly, but I’ve never heard a dub that I liked honestly.

Extras include a look at the weapons used in the film, a look at the real 36th precint and some trailers.

I was a huge fan of this film when I imported it a few years back and Tartan has done a great job with this presentation. I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a US remake of this one yet as it has a great story with great characters. Definitely recommended.