How Much of Your Home Entertainment Viewing Is Disc-Based?

In a recent national survey Nielsen found that as popular as streaming is, discs still play a key role in home entertainment.

How much of your home entertainment viewing is disc-based as opposed to streaming from a subscription service such as Netflix, buying/renting digital content online, or video on demand via cable or satellite?

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How Much of Your Home Entertainment Viewing Is Disc-Based?
25% or less
33% (380 votes)
Between 25% and 50%
18% (204 votes)
Between 50% and 75%
29% (328 votes)
All of it (100%)
20% (224 votes)
Total votes: 1136

mwelters's picture

I would rather it was 75% disc based, but its just not possible. No brick-and-mortar rental locations, no rental kiosks, either buy or stream. I'd be surprised if my disc based viewing was more than 5%, even though I love blu-ray audio and video quality - I'm just not willing to buy everything I want to view.

javanp's picture

I use Plex, so what category does that fall into? I still have all my discs, I just don't need them to watch the movie.

pohlmanc's picture

With all the fluff out there - I do most watching by stream. However, I do purchase special edition discs - such as the 50 Years of Bond Blu-ray - so that I can watch at higher resolution than some streaming services.

drewdlz's picture

When the price of paying for streaming for 2-3 months is the same cost as 1 Disc.

canman4pm's picture

Our disc viewing is probably around 10%. Which probably hasn't changed if you'd asked me in the VHS era, "how much of your viewing is VHS based?" Streaming has entered a significant portion of our viewing, but at the expense of cable viewing. Especially in the summer re-run season. Streaming and cable movie watching vs DVD/Blu-Ray are determined by the question: "are the picture and sound quality going to be impactful?" Yes means disc, no means streaming/cable depending on who carries said movie. "27 Dresses," for example, is more likely to be watched via cable/stream than a disc. By the same token, if I'm watching the "Matrix," or "Bridge on the River Kwai", it's off a disc. That's pretty general. We have "27 Dresses on DVD, and if it's not available via cable On Demand, or streaming we might just pull out the DVD. Likewise, I have watched the second half of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," off of a cable movie channel when nothing else of interest was on.

docevil's picture

I didn't spend countless hours and thousands of dollars designing and building my home theater to watch streaming quality content, I insist on the best quality sound and picture so for me it's 100% disc

jcarys's picture

I've lately been watching some more obscure international movies on all the services - Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant. The one unifying theme is how horrible the video quality has been. Obviously many older DVDs don't look that great, but there's almost no standard of quality for streaming, unless it's a brand new movie that you rent in a HD stream. So for me, if the title is important, I'll buy the Bluray.

dnoonie's picture

I voted 50 to 75 but it's more like 90% disk based viewing. Mostly from Netflix. I prefer to wait for the quality but there are a few TV shows I buy on VUDU so I can follow them in real time.


MatthewWeflen's picture

I think it's close to 50/50.

I watch practically all my movies on Blu-Ray, as well as my HD Star Trek. I simply can't stand lesser A/V quality, not to mention ugly subtitles and no extras.

But any other TV show is generally streaming or OTA. I'm simply not going to pay $2 per episode or more for a season of TV (except for the aforementioned Star Trek). Also, I enjoy Netflix's original programming.

Ladyfingers's picture

Blu-ray offers the best video quality and permanent ownership and no HDD space required.

I buy all music on CD and rip it to FLAC - so technically, I never really play the discs, but the original medium was a disc.

K.Reid's picture

I buy BluRay for blockbuster films because I want pristine video and Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master Audio sound. I haven't warmed up to Dolby Atmos yet; otherwise, streaming is fine through FIOS or Apple TV.

KINGTED's picture

If its just movies probably 85% of mine are on disc, and the rest cable and streaming. For TV shows its like 85% cable, and 10% streaming and 5% disc. I check out most movies through Netflix's disc service. I end up buying on disc most of the movies and shows that I really like for the quality, because I like to support those directors, and because when I deploy its 100% disc.