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How Much Do You Listen to Music at Home vs. Mobile?

Last week, I asked how much you watch TV versus on the go, and the results confirmed that the vast majority of UAV readers watch all or nearly all of their TV at home. This is not really surprising, since our readers are ultimately concerned more about quality than convenience when it comes to video content, as indicated by the response to a previous poll question—Which is more important, convenience or quality?

This week, I'm asking the same question about music—how much do you listen at home versus on the go? Of course, the same issues arise in this case—the audio quality of your home system is likely far better than your iPod or other portable music player, but the portable player is far more convenient. On the other hand, portable music players have been around a lot longer than portable video players, and you can be doing other things while listening to music as opposed to watching video. So I suspect the distribution of answers might be somewhat different, with more people listening to music on the go more of the time. But I could be wrong…

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice. Select the ratio that most closely reflects your listening habits.

How Much Do You Listen to Music at Home vs. Mobile?