How Do You Get Rid of Your Old AV Gear?

If there’s one truth in living the home entertainment dream, apart from the sheer enjoyment we get from having movies and music come to life in our homes, it’s that we tend to accumulate gear—sometimes lots of gear. John Sciacca offered a number of suggestions for what to do with old equipment in his recent Old Electronics Get New Life column, which left us wondering how Sound & Vision readers get rid of AV treasures that are past their prime. Take a moment to make a choice below and then leave a comment to share your thoughts on the subject.
How Do You Get Rid of Your Old AV Gear?
Move it to the curb with garbage
3% (10 votes)
Bring it to the local recycling center
14% (49 votes)
Donate it to a charity like Good Will or Salvation Army
11% (38 votes)
Give it to a friend or relative
20% (72 votes)
Move it to another room in the house for secondary use
21% (73 votes)
Move it to a basement or attic storage area
12% (42 votes)
Sell it at a garage sale or online through a site like eBay
19% (68 votes)
Total votes: 352