High Definition . . . Come On Down!!!

After 37 seasons, The Price is Right is going high-def. Woohoo! The newly designed set will look brighter, the contestants will sparkle, and Drew Carey will never look better.

What else will be different?

More big money to be had on the big wheel, with $25,000 prizes given away. Bigger prizes on some of the classic games, and a new game called Gas Money. These days, we'll take any amount of gas money.

The daytime classic debuted Monday, and airs daily on CBS.

Million_dollar_sp8_7 Just in time, The Price Is Right is holding a model search.  Maybe some of the old staff isn't cutting it in HD . . .

Personally, I'm glad they waited till Bob Barker left before the HD debut. There are just some things that shouldn't be seen that clearly. -Leslie Shapiro