Google TV Hits

The long awaited Google TV products from Sony and Logitech were officially announced yesterday. They'll offer a seamless blend of broadcast/satellite TV and internet video programming with Google search capability. But is it worth the asking price?

Sony's four Google TV enabled models will start at $599 for a 24-inch set, with the biggest 46-incher going for $1399. A more affordable Google TV strategy would be the compatible Blu-ray player, just $399. Still more affordable is the Logitech Revue, a $299 set-top box. All of these products will integrate with either broadcast TV or the Dish Network.

These Android-based products will have Intel Atom processors under the hood, the Google Chrome browser, and the ability to search TV listings and the web with a bulky QWERTY RF remote. With such diverse programming sources, the Dual View feature should come in handy. Remote apps for Android and iPhone portable devices will arrive later, and will "fling" web pages from phone to TV screen. Numerous content partners were announced in the weeks leading up to yesterday's official unveiling.

See Sony Internet TV website, Sony press release, and Logitech press release. Also see Engadget for live blogging and interface critique.