Giving a Voice to Forgotten Radios

Vintage radio repairman Allen Chiang appreciates the sound and design of long-forgotten radios. Models dating back to the pre-TV era when families gathered ’round the “talking box” to listen to the news and iconic serials like The Shadow or Buck Rogers. Sixties-era radios that conjure images of The Jetsons and a quaint vision of the future.

“Every radio definitely has its own personality,” said Chiang, who collects and restores old radios back to working condition. “It started off as a hobby and now it’s become a little bit more than that. Sometimes I work on these radios for hours and hours and hours and just when I think I’m about to give up something clicks in my mind and it works.”

Visit Chiang’s website,, and watch him tell his story in his video:

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If I'm not mistaken, some of the old AM tuners have a high-end extending up to around 17kHz. This may have been an old Denon.

The biggest challenge, of course, is to find something worth listening to on the AM band.