FlyCast Tunes on iPhone

FlyCast, formerly known as FlyTunes, has just released a new free application for iPhone and iPod touch that should make satellite radio providers a bit nervous. Pandora might be a little shaky too. FlyCast has over 1,000 digital channels ranging from music, talk, news, sports, weather and traffic. These are from traditional broadcast and Webcast providers.

Why is this so much better than satellite radio for iPhone?

The FlyCast application lets listeners pause live feeds, skip songs on certain channels, and our favorite: "StreamAhead," which allows you to keep listening to certain stations even without a connection. Another cool feature is called "Top of the Hour," which lets you jump back to the beginning of a talk show if you've tuned in late. Cool.

Fclogo Not as intuitive at playing your favorite artist as something like Pandora, FlyCast will find the stations that play your favorite artists, plus let you purchase those songs directly to your iPhone/Touch. It has an embedded Web browser, with a connection speed indicator. Background play lets you continue to hear tunes as you use other applications.

Did we mention that it's free?  Why wouldn't you give it a try? -Leslie Shapiro