Flashback 1972: A Trendsetting Audio Company Is Born

The year was 1972. David Bowie unveiled his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” commandeered the radio airwaves, and The Godfather became an instant hit at the box office.

1972 was also the year three friends from Johns Hopkins University set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it home. With a handmade wooden logo, a passion for music, and keys to a ramshackle Victorian rooming house, a famous audio company was born.

Using their degrees in physics and mechanical engineering, the eager audiophiles searched for new solutions to high fidelity sound, intent on turning the living room into The Fillmore and finding a way to do so without speakers the size of refrigerators.

Can you identify the one or more of the three young lads in the photo?

Hint: The company borrowed its name from one of the founders and years later one of the other founders went on to create not one but two revered audio companies, both of which are thriving entities to this day.

Check back Friday morning for the answers.

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Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross.

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...is a wonderful thing! And also your friend!
Matthew Polk, Sandy Gross, and George Klopfer were the three audio nerds at Johns Hopkins, and Polk Audio was the company they founded.
The other co-founder, Sandy Gross, later went on to found both Definitive Technology and Golden Ear.

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Too slow...

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At 58, I don't need no stinkin google. My memory is slipping but not gone.
In my opinion, Sandy Gross is the Giant among these giants.
Polk Audio speakers in the 70's, Def tech 1990's, Golden Ear at present, all three speaker companies became legendary within a decade of being founded.
I highly respect Matthew Polk, but Sandy is the man.

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Matthew Polk (the easiest one), Sandy Gross, I can't ID the third person :(