Flashback 1958: A Stereo Spectacular!

Way back in 1958 when stereo was a novelty, the comedy duo Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding released Bob And Ray Throw A Stereo Spectacular, a whimsical LP showcasing the marvels of two-channel sound.

We were reminded of this wonderful demo album with the recent passing of Mr. Elliot, father of comedian Chris Elliot and grandfather of actress/comedian Abby Elliot. He was 92.

The album has 15 tracks, including “New Fangled Tango” “from Lena Horne At The Waldorf-Astoria (1957), “We’ll Gather Liliacs in the Spring” from (1958), and “Buck Dance” from Music For Bang, Baa-Room and Harp (Dick Schory’s New Percussion Ensemble, 1958).

If you’re intrigued, a quick visit to ebay will turn up a number original LPs, ranging in price from $8.50 to $199.99 for a sealed copy (or $46 for a sealed test pressing). You’ll also a few CD reissues, including the 1995 “Audiophile Mastered” version, pressed on a 24-carat-gold disc ($41 to “$399.99 or best offer”).

Revel in the nostalgia and check out “Bob And Ray Visit Dr. Ahkbar At the Castle,” track 1 on Bob And Ray Throw A Stereo Spectacular:

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When Bob and Ray started out in the '50s, they were about 60 years ahead of their time, and they are still 60 years ahead of their time. The hilarious Wally Ballou "cranberry" interview was enough to solidify their immortality:


And how could you not love a stereo demo record that has cover art by the great Jack Davis of "Mad" magazine?