FeedFlix Tracking Netflix

For those times when you're really bored, and nothing fun has shown up on Cake Wrecks, you have to check out FeedFlix. FeedFlix tracks your Netflix RSS feeds and will analyze your usage. So, you can find out if you really need to get a life, or maybe step up your viewing habits to stay up to date on the latest flix.

FeedFlix will graph out how many movies you watch each month, what your Netflix subscription costs you per movie, how long you typically keep movies, and what day you tend to return your DVDs.

What else does FeedFlix do?

Chart1 Since it's free, why not also check out what other Netflix users are doing. You do need to be a Netflix subscriber, though. Not only can you see the average time you keep DVDs, you can also see the average time others keep DVDs. See - you're not as different as you thought.

Chart3 From FeedFlix: When you enter your Netflix RSS Link, FeedFlix processes your Netflix RSS feeds to get the movies in your Queue, the reviews you have written, the movies Netflix recommends for you, etc. We also are able to co-relate your data with that of other FeedFlix users to tell you who else is watching or currently waiting for the same movies as you while still maintaining your (and their) anonymity.

Chart4 You can see charts breaking down which subscription plans are best and other user's queue size. Over one quarter of the users have lists in the low hundreds. I'm not sure which I want - enough free time to build up a queue list that long, or enough free time that I could even think about watching that many movies. -Leslie Shapiro