Facelift in a Lightbulb

This is gonna be short, because I've got to run. Gizmodo is reporting about a study about to be published that's found exposure to LED light daily for a few weeks caused "rejuvenated skin, reduced wrinkle levels, juvenile complexion (oy - does that mean zits again?) and lasting resilience."

Around here, we've all been real excited about LED and OLED hitting TV sets. So we're kind of excited to think watching lots of TV and make you look younger! (Okay, not exactly, but we're all excited these days about anything "LED.")

Take a look at why they say this process works.

The medical team behind this discovery thinks the light removes built-up water molecules that prevent the elastin from remaining flexible.

I've canceled my Botox appointment and I've got an array of LED headlamps pointing at my face, and I can't see my keyboard. See y'all tomorrow. I'm sure I'll look marvelous. —Leslie Shapiro

PhysOrg via Gizmodo