Eartopia: Noise-Canceling Headphones

Closed-back and in-ear headphones block noise passively by creating a noise-isolating seal to the ears, but if you need maximum quietude, active noise-canceling headphones are the way to go. Here are a few examples.


Bose QuietComfort 15 ($300)
This model provides the best noise canceling of any headphone I’ve heard. No, it won’t banish noise completely (no consumer noise-canceling phones really can), but it does a remarkable job of keeping the din at bay. Comfort is exceptional, too. bose.com


PSB M4U 2 ($400)
While the PSB M4U 2, another Paul Barton design, can’t match the QuietComfort 15’s noise-hushing abilities, it’s right up there, and I much prefer the PSB’s sound. Unlike with the Bose, you can continue to listen after the batteries are drained. psbspeakers.com

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OK, what the crap? No mention of DTS Headphone: X?? What's going with it? I need it in my life!!