DVD Combo - In The Lab

Go-Video DVR4000
DIMENSIONS 17 inches wide, 4 inches high, 14 inches deep WEIGHT 11 5/8 pounds PRICE $349 MANUFACTURER Sensory Science, Dept. S&V, 7835 E. McClain Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 www.sensoryscience.com 800-736-7679

DVD-VIDEO PERFORMANCE Maximum white-level error: +8 IRE Setup level: +7.5/0 IRE (switchable) Luminance frequency response (re level at 1 MHz) at 4 MHz +2.6 dB at 5 MHz +1.6 dB at 6 MHz -1.4 dB at 6.75 MHz (DVD limit) -1.9 dB Onscreen horizontal resolution: 540 lines In-player letterboxing: poor

CD AUDIO PLAYBACK Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +0.15, -0.09 dB Noise level: (re -20 dBFS, A-wtd) -73.8 dB

The picture this combo's DVD player produced was "hot" in a couple of ways. The maximum-white-level error was very high, which is likely to drive a picture tube into various types of misbehavior on very bright areas of an image. This can be corrected using the TV's contrast control in conjunction with a DVD test disc. There was also a large boost (the highest we've measured) in the midrange of the luminance frequency response, which produced a sense of hyped-up picture detail. Turning down your TV's sharpness control may produce a more accurate picture. The CD performance was good if not stellar. - David Ranada

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