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Sony PlayStation 2
DIMENSIONS: 12 inches wide, 3 1/8 inches high, 7 1/4 inches deep WEIGHT: 4 7/8 pounds PRICE: $299 MANUFACTURER: Sony Computer Entertainment America, Dept. S&V, 919 E. Hillsdale Blvd., 2 Fl., Foster City, CA 94404 www.scea.com 800-345-7669

DVD-VIDEO PERFORMANCE Maximum white-level error: -7 IRE Setup level: 0 IRE Luminance frequency response: (re level at 1 MHz) at 4 MHz +0.26 dB at 5 MHz +0.26 dB at 6 MHz -3.1 dB at 6.75 MHz (DVD limit) -4.4 dB Onscreen horizontal resolution: 540 lines In-player letterboxing: poor

CD AUDIO PLAYBACK Frequency response: 20 Hz to 17.9 kHz +0.12, -3 dB Noise level: (re -20 dBFS, A-wtd) -73.2 dB

As a DVD player, the PlayStation 2 had the best overall audio and video measurements in this group. The CD frequency response did roll off sharply a little short of 20 kHz, but this won't be audible with most program material. On the video side, the 0-IRE setup level is a hint that you should calibrate your TV for proper black level (use a DVD test disc). And, as with the Neon player, the -7-IRE maximum white level may be meant to minimize the possibility of burn-in with picture tubes, which is more of a concern when a TVis used to display computer graphics. - D.R.

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