D-BOX Technologies, Inc. Universal Motion Platform 100 At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: D-BOX Technologies, Inc. Universal Motion Platform 100

Inputs: "Kinelink" (Ethernet, 2)
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 13.7H, Adjustable base
(26 to 37.5L x 10.2 to 33W)
Weight (pounds): 55 (and accommodates up to 375)
Available Finishes: Black

Ratings: D-BOX Technologies, Inc. Universal Motion Platform 100

Build Quality: 92 Good
• As plastic housings go, this is a sturdy one with massive motors inside
• Frame is made of serious steel to handle any chair (and any movie fan)

Value: 90 Good
• Provides the full D-BOX motion experience at a fraction of the cost
• A beyond-theme-park-quality experience that elegantly integrates at home

Features: 88 Average
• Specially redesigned to work with just about any seating, even a recliner
• Works with more DVDs (and Blu-rays) than ever

Performance: 97 Excellent
• Operational noise typically buried under the movie soundtrack
• Provides a wild (and wildly accurate) ride

Ergonomics: 82 Below Average
• Rear-mounted motor assembly must be hidden somewhere
• Remote control is easy to use, even in a darkened theater

Overall Rating: 92 Good
Not everyone wants to add motion to their movie-watching, but if the idea of being part of the action and having a lot more fun with certain movies appeals to you, D-BOX has now made the dream more accessible.

General Information
UMP 100, $3,599; Motion Controller 340C (necessary, sold separately), $3,200
D-BOX Technologies, Inc.
(888) 442-3269

D-BOX Technologies, Inc.
(888) 442-3269