D-Box SRP-230 Motion Platform and Standalone Series IV-BD Motion Controller Specs


SRP-230 Motion Platform
Available Finishes: Black Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 30 x 13.7 x 50-80 (variable) Weight (pounds): 90 Max Load Capacity (including seat, pounds): 750 Price: $8,000

Standalone Series IV-BD Motion Controller
Connections: line-level, RCA; digital, optical, serial; RS-232; Ethernet Hard Drive Capacity: 500 gigabytes Available Finishes: Black Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 13.5 x 3 x 17 Weight (pounds): 13 Price: $4,000

Company Info
D-Box Technologies
(888) 442-3269

D-Box Technologies
(888) 442-3269

Animal1984's picture

I've known what d-Box does for a while and have even seen some theaters that have them installed. Even when I bought my blu-ray of "Live Free or Die Hard", I noticed written on the back cover that it even had D-Box motion code and even in the main menu is tells you it's equipped with it. However after finally seeing prices on it, i just can't understand paying that much for it, unless you have the money to spend and your audio is already top of the line too.

notabadname's picture

2 f212s (at $6,000 apiece) or a $12,000 couch shaker? . . . . hmmmmmm . . . . .

No contest. Sign me up for the 2 f212s.

I saw a demo of a motion system in a $100,000 HT store/studio. Not impressed personally. Entertaining for a moment and "neat". But 10 minutes later, I found it distracting. I was paying more attention to the seat, and it's synchronization with the action and sound on screen than I was the actual film. I think it removes the viewer from the immersion of the film and becomes analogous to a poorly executed 3D movie, that is constantly penetrating the viewer's space with cheesy 3D effects. Next we will be putting spray misters in front of the viewer's seat for any water scenes.

Poci's picture

It sure does sound good and I believe you when you say it isn't distracting from but immersing in the film.
It sounds like they have done a masterful job with the programming and that could be the difference between this and the system "notabadname" experienced I would imagine.

I think I would still prefer the f212 speakers though as a more desirable addition.

If the price was lower then I think this could become a common home theater item. And that said I'm sure prices will drop as they do with everything so who knows, maybe one day we'll all have one?

terminatoe3d3700's picture

I bought a used 2 Actuator system. This write-up is close. He fails to mention the cost of downloading the movie codes. When I purchased the system a few years ago, I paid $2500.00 for it. The cost of downloading the movie codes was $250.00 per year after the first 2 years for free. After you have downloaded all the movie codes that have been released so far. Now, you must determine how many movies are released per year? Is it worth it? Can you afford it?

As far as the experience goes. I can only say this and that. It makes me not want to watch a movie with any kind of action in it without the D-Box motion system! If I had to pay the full price, it would not have happened. Although I think it is one of the best investments I have ever made, it was only because of the price. I could, in no way have afforded to pay full price. After contacting D-Box directly in Canada and talking to their CEO and President, I would not have known that D-Box only caters to the, and I quote "The rich and famous". That is what I was told by their CEO and President. He could not care less about the rest of the world. Just the rich and famous. So, anyone out there that thinks the price will go down as the years go by, can forget about it. It isn't going to happen. Actually, the price will go up. Do I really think that it is worth what the company wants for it? Not at all. In my lifetime, and I am relatively up in the years, have I ever seen a company more impressed with themselves, I can honestly say NO! Even though I have heard it takes hundreds of hours sometimes to program the movie frame , by frame, I still think this is an outrages price for their product.

Even though I REALLY, REALLY love the experience, I still honestly believe they are too proud of their system. $12,000.00 is the cost at the time of his posting in 2012, I do believe at the present time a 4 actuator system now costs in upwards of $17,000.00. This, in my opinion, is definitely WAAAAAYYY too much!

Keep in mind that I have owned this system for a few years now. I agree that everyone of my guests in my home have TOTALLY enjoyed this. And there have been quite a few family members and friends. Not a one of them said that it was worth the cost of buying a new car. They would much rather purchase a new car than this system.

So, this is truly, like the CEO and PRESIDENT said, is for the rich and famous. If you have the extra money and can't think of anything else you would rather have, then, by all means, you won't regret purchasing this system.

You are welcome for this truly honest and enlightening review.