Changing Channels Challenges

If digital's so good, why does it take so freakin' long to change channels? It's become painfully obvious that all this new technology has slowed down the one thing people take for granted: clicking the clicker and getting instantaneous results.

It's so bad, the French have actually done a scientific analysis. The analysts at Witbe have determined that it takes an average of 1.9 seconds using the up or down buttons on a remote. Worse, it takes 3.4 seconds if you directly punch in a channel number.

The study found that Microsoft Mediaroom-based systems topped out as the fastest at 0.6 seconds, and satellite systems were the slowest.

Analog TV wasn't this slow.

Gee. I wonder if they're going to do a study on how long it takes to switch channels if you have to actually get up off the couch to do it. Without remotes, folks would probably never bother changing. Ever. -Leslie Shapiro