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Pink Floyd Sheep on the Wing

“Pink Floyd was known for his epic stage shows, so I decided to recreate that experience,” Dr. Lirpa told me. To that end, the Sheep on the Wings ’phones have integrated lasers and a fog machine. Hoping to appeal to the average “nerd prog-rocker,” Dr. Lirpa specified the red laser at the same 650-nm wavelength used in DVD players, while the blue-violet laser is the same 405 nm as in Blu-ray. The green laser has the added benefit of causing instant blindness.

To further simulate the live concert experience, there’s an optional direct-amp hookup. This allows you to drive the headphones from your amp’s speaker outputs for maximum volume. Electromagnetic voice coils inspired, in true Pink Floyd sci-fi fashion, by the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland power the titanium-laced Kevlar drivers. With just under 3 megajoules of force, the Sheep on the Wing headphones can produce volumes in excess of 190 dB. Excess heat from the voice coils assists the fog feature (also called “smoke”).

Asking Lauren what she thought during testing, she replied, “WHAT!?!” Brent, unperturbed, felt they could be louder. Of the raw steel headband, chosen to mimic the look of the rigging that’s used for stage lighting, I felt mild discomfort, mentioning, “I think I’m bleeding.”

For best effect, the Wings should be used in the same room with a companion enjoying the Steal Your Ears.

Lirpa Labs Pink Floyd Sheep on the Wing headphones $7/4

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